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Thanks for visiting, Louisiana's Fight News Authority. Here you'll find everything you need for the sports of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ and more in Louisiana. Please help this site to be a positive place for those of us in the fight community here in Louisiana. -

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  Fulgium gains 2nd round, TKO win
Posted by admin  on Saturday, March 21 @ 21:20:50 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts BY JASON PUGH • JPUGH@GANNETT.COM • MARCH 21, 2009
Christian Fulgium did more than just gain revenge on Rush MMA.He saved face for the local contingent at Friday night's Cage Kings 3: Total Domination professional mixed-martial arts card at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel's Riverdome.Fulgium did it with his hands and his knees, pounding his way to a second-round TKO victory over Tony Hunter of Rush MMA (Macon, Ga.).In October, Rush fighter Robert Thompson defeated Fulgium at Cage Kings 2."It's nothing personal," Fulgium said of beating a Rush fighter. "It wasn't revenge. I had to come in here and prove to myself each and every time I get in the cage that I can do this."Fulgium proved how much training with UFC fighter Tim Credeur at Gladiators Academy in Lafayette. In the first round of the fight, Hunter was in control, keeping the fight on the ground.In Round 2, Fulgium did not allow things to hit the ground as the former Benton High School wrestler and coach kneed and punched his way to the victory. Rush MMA had been undefeated in Cage Kings action before Fulgium's win."In the back, everyone was like the local guys keep going down; it's bad luck for tonight," Fulgium said. "I said I don't believe in bad luck."Fulgium did it by standing up, which seems contrary to his wrestling background."They've turned me into a mixed-martial arts fighter," Fulgium said.In the main event, Shreveport's Chad Leonhardt scored a TKO win over world record holder Cale Grady at the 2:20 mark of Round 2."He hit too hard to stand up," Leonhardt said. "I got tired. I was stupid and threw a lot of hard haymakers. I said I'll let I what I know take over. He came into my world. Why play in his world?"For Grady, whose last Cage Kings fight was a 2-second knockout, the loss came in a surprising fashion, given Leonhardt's promise to keep the fight a stand-up affair."No excuses," Grady said. "I couldn't get him off me. He's strong. Chad trained really hard for this fight, but I'll be back. I'll be back strong."In the semi-main event, Derrick Krantz of Marshall, Texas, improved to 5-0 by handing a Rush fighter, Aaron Hall, a loss at 2:46 of Round 1 via arm triangle.Like Fulgium, Matt Hamliton of Little Rock, Ark., had something to prove.Hamilton's students were 0-2 in Cage Kings fights, but the veteran from Arkansas made sure his Westside Brazilian Jiu-jitsu wouldn't fall to 0-3.Hamilton took on hometown favorite Brandon Rondon. The first round was a battle of punchers with Rondon landing several powerful flurries.However, Hamilton shot in and took Rondon to the mat early in the second round. Rondon was unable to break Hamilton's control, despite the chants of "Bran-don, Bran-don" that sounded throughout the Riverdome.As Rondon tried to break free, Hamilton caught him in a rear naked choke, forcing the Bossier City native to tap out at the 2:11 mark of Round 2.The veteran improved to 9-6 with the win while Rondon fell to 1-1."I was hoping to knock some ring rust off and I was hoping Brandon wouldn't be the one knocking it off," Hamilton said. "I appreciate Brandon taking the fight. I have a lot of fights and experience. Brandon, thanks for not ruining my comeback."Rondon had success early with his punches, but never could break Hamilton's control once the fight hit the ground in Round 2."It looked like I did pretty good punching," Rondon said. "I was expecting (it to go to the ground). He's been doing Jiu-jitsu longer than I've been alive. He has a lot more experience than me. I just wanted to test myself."Shreveport's Blake Franklin fared no better than his Bossier City counterpart as Tyler Caruthers forced a submission via arm triangle at 2:13 of Round 2.Caruthers survived big opening kicks from Franklin, whose background is heavy in kickboxing, before taking the fight to the ground. While on the ground in Round 1, Caruthers hit Franklin with a disputed head butt.Eventually, Caruthers, who preferred to keep the fight on the ground, kept pressure on Franklin throughout and came away with a win in his professional debut."I knew he had good hands and he is a kickboxer," Caruthers said. "The game plan was to take him down. He gave me the arm triangle and I took it."About the disputed head butt, Caruthers said, "I accidentally head butted him. I apologize (to) Blake. I'm sorry about that."source: 

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  Cage Kings: Fight by fight recap
Posted by admin  on Saturday, March 21 @ 21:17:33 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Roy Spoon (1-0) def. Louis Vardaman (0-2) by arm bar at 1:53 of Round 1 Both fighters immediately headed to the ground with Spoon taking control. Spoon kept the pressure on Vardaman, pinning him to the mat and not allowing the Team Cagelife fighter to land any retaliatory punches.Vardaman appeared to reverse the move and momentarily take control, but Spoon caught him in an arm bar at the 1:53 mark of the first round to pick up the win in his professional debut.Matt Hamilton (9-6) def. Brandon Rondon (1-1) by rear naked choke at 2:11 of Round 2 Rondon stars the swinging early, landing a straight left to Hamilton. After strikes by Rondon, Hamilton takes the fight to the ground after shooting in. After a minute-plus on the ground, the fighters separate and Rondon ends the round striking a prone Hamilton against the cage. Hamilton shoots in quickly to start Round 2 and keeps the fight on the ground, trying to force a submission. Hamilton lands a big left with Rondon on his back. Two elbows from Hamilton wake Rondon and the crowd up. Rondon can’t force his way out of Hamilton’s grasp and submits to a rear naked choke at 2:11 of Round 2. Tyler Caruthers (1-0) def. Blake Franklin (2-3) by arm triangle at 2:13 of Round 2.
Caruthers survives a big kick from Franklin to start things and forces the Shreveporter against the cage. Caruthers gains control on the ground and has Franklin pinned before delivering a head butt that seems to take Franklin a bit off his game. Caruthers maintains control as Franklin avoids submission and strikes a few glancing blows as Round 1 ends.Round 2 starts in much the same fashion with Caruthers charging into a Franklin kick before the Georgian takes things to the ground again. Caruthers lands a couple of knees to Franklin’s side. About 30 seconds later, Caruthers gains the victory via arm triangle. Mike Braswell (4-2) def. Marcus Lanier (7-3) by arm bar 1:42 of Round 1.
Both fighters took their time sizing up each other before Lanier strikes first with a kick. Braswell takes advantage, driving Lanier into the cage.Braswell holds control against the cage before Lanier drops him to the mat. Despite being underneath, Braswell manages to end the fight with an arm bar a little more than midway through the opening round. Christian Fulgium (8-2) def. Tony Hunter (3-4) by TKO at 2:16 of Round 2.
After some initial standup fighting, Hunter takes the fight to the ground and maintains control for much of the round. Hunter nearly lands a rear naked choke, but Fulgium hangs tight. Round 2, however, belongs to the former Benton High wrestler and coach as he knees and punches his way to the win. Fulgium’s knees start the big second-round flurry and his combination of right uppercuts ends Rush MMA’s winning streak in Cage Kings events. Will Campuzano (5-0) def. Bryan Goldsby (6-5) by triangle choke 1:33 of Round 2 Both fighters start with big kicks with Campuzano landing one to Goldby’s right leg. However, a missed right by Campuzano leads to a ground war and Goldsby controls the round on the ground. The fighters trade a few rights while on the ground and things barely return to a standing position. Round 2 starts with the fighters heading to the ground again but Campuzano gains control and the victory via triangle choke. Derrick Krantz (5-0) def. Aaron Hall (1-1) by arm triangle at 2:46 of Round 1.
Both fighters came out flying, but Hall takes things to the mat, Krantz reverses and gains control begins to strike. Krantz stays on top and Hall never makes headway before submitting to an arm triangle. Chad Leonhardt (2-0) def. Cale Grady (1-1) by TKO at 2:20 of Round 2 Both punchers come out swinging, but the fight quickly heads to the ground. Leonhardt maintains control. Grady is unable to keep Leonhardt from landing several right hands and a couple of knees. Round 2 is more of the same with Leonhardt staying in control and pummeling Grady with right after right until referee John Munz stops things midway through the 5-minute round.source: 

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  KO king back in the cage!
Posted by admin  on Friday, March 20 @ 00:34:13 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts World-record holder, UFC reality show cast member on tonight's fight card.By: Roy Lang, III - He has no obvious ties to northwest Louisiana and will have traveled nearly 300 miles to strut his stuff. His family doesn't live here, but for some reason, the locals have taken a liking to Cale "Game" Grady. It's not hard to figure out. The last time the mixed-martial artist made a trip to the Ark-La-Tex, he left for Waco, Texas, with a world record in tow.With a punishing right, Grady made incredibly short work of Ryan Chavarria. His professional debut lasted just 2 seconds. He became an instant legend on YouTube and a modern day folk hero on the Red River."I'm not even from around here, but I feel like everybody likes me here. It's cool to fight for all these people." Grady said. "It's unfortunate I always have to fight the hometown guys, but I just want to fight the best like everybody else."Eight months after his electrifying knockout — he has been sidelined with a nasty cut to his forehead — Grady, 23, will face Shreveport's Chad Leonhardt in the main event at tonight's Cage Kings 3: Total Domination at Horseshoe's Riverdome.The event will also see the return of Benton High product Christian Fulgium (7-2), who will make his reality TV debut April 1 on the ninth season of the UFC's hit series "The Ultimate Fighter."Half of the Cage Kings' bouts tonight will feature aspiring fighters with local ties.Bossier City's Brandon Rondon (1-0) received an ovation after making weight Thursday and will face Matt Hamilton (8-6) from Little Rock, Ark. Shreveport's Blake Franklin (2-2), who lost to Rondon at the last Cage Kings event, will look to get back on the winning track against Tyler Caruthers (MMA debut) from Macon, Ga.But those locals will precede the Grady-Leonhardt middleweight (185-pound) showdown.Leonhardt (1-1) has seen Grady's history-making punch. He wasn't that impressed."It showed me he doesn't have a good chin," Leonhardt said. "It looked to me like (Grady) was (knocked) out, too."Chavarria landed a simultaneous right and both fighters slumped to the canvas. However, Grady immediately began to stagger to his feet while it would be several minutes before his opponent regained consciousness. In addition to the support of the friends and family, Fulgium will have extra motivation in his match. He lost his Cage Kings debut to the teammate of tonight's opponent, Tony Hunter (3-3).
 However, Fulgium's loss to Robert Thompson came after a vigorous weight cut to the welterweight division (170 pounds). Tonight, Fulgium and Hunter will square off in the Middleweight Division."It's nothing personal. I've seen him fight before and that's a good thing," Fulgium said. "I never saw Robert Thompson before. (Hunter) is strong and athletic."Currently, 185 is going to be my weight until I make some kind of drastic change in my diet and stuff like that. I'm too thick to be a 170 (pounds). I don't fight the same at 170 as I do at 185 or 205. We're going to be a lot more energetic. Last time, I couldn't keep the pace up and I felt a little overmatched."The upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter" recently concluded its six-week taping in Las Vegas. The finalists from a 32-man United States versus United Kingdom field will fight for a UFC contract live in June.In addition to the bump in weight since his last Cage Kings appearance, Fulgium believes he'll show the fruits of training with a UFC talent-laden gym in Lafayette."I'm more tested and more ready. We go to war every day," said Fulgium, who fights for Gladiators Gym, run by TUF Season 7 star Tim Credeur. "It's going to be no different in the cage. I'll be prepared — won't be shocked by anything — and confidence definitely helps you."source:

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  Cage Kings lays groundwork for fighters' big dreams!
Posted by admin  on Wednesday, March 18 @ 04:04:15 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Sixteen mixed-martial arts fighters with their sights set on the big time will enter the cage under the spotlights of Horseshoe Casino and Hotel's Riverdome on Friday night.Though the evening will mark just the third Cage Kings event, the promotion has already shown a knack for showcasing fighters who move on to the sport's grandest stage — the UFC.That's all you can ask for if you're an up-and-comer."I'm going to stay on the steady track I'm on," said Marshall, Texas' Derrick Krantz. "Eventually, something great will happen. I'm going to make it happen. It's going to happen."Krantz (4-0) represents Team 515 out of Longview, Texas, and will face Aaron Hall (1-0) from Macon Ga., in Friday's semi-main event."I know he's probably a ground guy," said Krantz, a 155-pounder who brings a punishing stand-up game. "I saw him fight. It wasn't that impressive. He's going to be in my way; let's just say that."Krantz is a product of Ring Rulers Ultimate Amateur Fighting, a feeder system to Cage Kings. He wants to be the next fighter to make it big going this route.Mike Wessel fought on a Ring Rulers card in Shreveport in March of 2008. Nine months later, Wessel was on MMA's biggest stage — the UFC. Benton's Christian Fulgium fought in the cage at the Riverdome in October. He earned a spot on the UFC's hit reality show "The Ultimate Fighter."The show debuts April 1; Fulgium (7-2) is fighting here again Friday."I'm proud to see guys and girls come through Ring Rulers or the Cage Kings circuit and onto the next level," said Will Broyles, the president of both organizations. "There will be a lot more coming. It's exciting to see it happen — to see a guy who has a dream, works hard, gets the right fights and wins the right fights. It's humbling to be a part of it."Will Campuzano is another young fighter looking to make it big. The Dallas featherweight (135 pounds) has a 4-0 record and will face veteran Hall's teammate Bryan Goldsby (6-4).After collecting multiple belts for Ring Rulers, Campuzano made his pro debut at the inaugural Cage Kings in July. The pro game hasn't stopped his momentum. The 22-year-old Muay Thai specialist representing Mercenary Martial Arts streamrolled Doug Sonier at an event outside Dallas last month.

Campuzano's dream is a little different than Fulgium's or Krantz's only because the UFC does not carry a 135-pound division. However, the WEC — owned by the UFC — showcases the lighter weight classes.
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Like Krantz, Campuzano is confident his dream will come to fruition, but wants to move up the ladder the right way."I'm taking my time," Campuzano said. "I'm not even planning on the WEC. I see it in the future, but in a year or two. I still have to develop my Jiu-jitsu and my wrestling."Campuzano believes his natural ability helped him advance this far. Now, he's just learning how to fight and collecting the experience necessary to improve the mental side of the game."I wasn't well prepared for these fights," Campuzano said. "Now, it's about speed and creating angles. I'm trying to get comfortable."I'm still growing as a fighter; still developing the right psyche."Campuzano has already signed a contract for a three-fight tournament in Texas and would also explore options of fighting in Japan.But a match with Goldsby is up first."He's pretty aggressive," said Campuzano, who has been battling severe congestion this week. "His videos aren't too impressive. I don't think he's ever fought a guy like me. It's definitely going to be a stand-up fight."Every fighter Friday will have an opportunity to catch the eye of folks with UFC ties. Tim Credeur, a product of the seventh season of "The Ultimate Fighter", trains Fulgium in Lafayette and is expected to be in his corner at the Riverdome.Roli Delgado, a cast member from Season 8, is expected to be in the corner of Little Rock's Matt Hamilton, who will fight Bossier City's Brandon Rondon.However, Krantz doesn't care who's watching or who he should impress Friday. He has confidence in his ability and is focused on one thing — winning."I don't worry about (who's in the crowd)," Krantz said. "I'm not going to take the easy way (to the top). I'm going to make it happen. If they can't recognize it, it's their fault."As for a prediction, Krantz's belief is simple: "First-round knockout, man."


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  Pro MMA group finds right mix
Posted by admin  on Wednesday, March 18 @ 03:59:07 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts For Ring Media president Will Broyles, putting together a Cage Kings professional mixed-martial arts show is all about finding the right mix.
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Broyles, a Caddo Magnet High School and Baylor graduate, thinks he has achieved that mix for Friday night's "Total Domination" card at the Horseshoe Riverdome."There are a lot of good, talented guys in this area," Broyles said. "You're looking at three of them (local guys) right now. You'll see 16 (total) of them Friday. You're going to see a lot of great fights out of that whole mix. It's really exciting to see that happen."Friday's event, which begins at 8, features four fighters with immediate area ties and several more with roots in east Texas.Shreveport's Blake Franklin and Chad Leonhardt are on the card, along with Bossier City's Brandon Rondon and Lafayette's Christian Fulgium, a former Benton High School wrestler.Leonhardt (1-1) is fighting the main event against Cale Grady, who scored an MMA-record 2-second knockout in his last Cage Kings appearance."He's got a weak chin; if you watch it, he was out, too," Leonhardt said about Grady. "He deserves his record — 2-second knockout. He punches hard. He's a good fighter. He likes to stand up and throw his hands. I do too. We'll stand and one of us is going to fall. I hope it's him and I think it will be."Leonhardt's bout Friday is part of a three-fight stretch in which he will fight the main event. The next will be in his hometown of Lawton, Okla., while the previous bout came in Alexandria.Franklin and Rondon — who fought each other in the previous Cage Kings event — are scheduled to fight in the night's first two matches.Franklin (2-2) will fight Tyler Caruthers (0-0) of Rush MMA from Macon, Ga. The Rush squad enjoyed a steallar visit to the area in October's Cage Kings cards.Franklin lost to Rondon in thier ballyhooed October meeting, but took some lessons away from the fight."He showed me some weaknesses and I've been working on them," Franklin said. "I learned a lot. Since then, my ground game's gotten a lot better."Rondon, in a sense, will be looking for revenge when he fights Matt Hamilton (8-6).Rondon is 1-0 as a professional, but his motivation comes from an amateur match."I've gone to seminars where he's been teaching," Rondon said. "I lost to one of his students. If I beat him, I'll redeem that loss from when I was an amateur."Source:

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  Cage Kings Presents: Total Domination!
Posted by admin  on Tuesday, March 17 @ 08:01:52 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
This Friday night (March 20th) at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome in Bossier City, LA, Cage Kings brings forth its third installment of entertaining pain and punishment for the MMA fight fans pleasure as they offer up eight action packed throw downs labeled, “Total Domination”.
Since Cage Kings conception the summer of 2008, the two shows they have offered the fans sold out, and their third go around appears to be making waves as well with the Ark-La-Tex fight fans.
The in your face action this Friday night will feature some of the toughest, as well as hungriest fighters around going toe to toe working in working their way to MMA supremacy and history.
The main event features tough Texan Cale Grady (1-0, 1 KO) whose pro debut in 2008 shook not only the fight fans but his opponent Ryan Chavarria when Grady stopped the fight just two seconds in the bout with one punch, which has been a You Tube highlight for many who viewed the carnage.
His opponent is the former amateur wrestler standout Chad Leonhart (1-1), who tallied up a respectable amateur record of (21-7) throughout Oklahoma. When asked about Grady’s power, Leonhart strongly stated, “I don’t Grady’s power, I want to stand and trade.” Grady, always the showman simply proclaimed, “I’m whipping his ass, or h e is whipping mine, but either way, there will be fire works!”
The co-main event features the undefeated knock out artist Derrick Krantz (4-0, 4 KO’s) who aims to end his fifth professional bout as his first four, in the first round when he takes on Georgia’s Aaron Hall in a 155-pound bout. Hall has his hands full as he takes on the Marshal native who leaves no room for doubt on his plans, “I don’t think he wants to stand up with me, if he does he is in for a rude awakening, I predict a first round victory!”
The former two-time 145-pound amateur champion Will Campuzano (3-0) will be in the fight festivities as well when he steps in against ten fight veteran Bryan Goldsby. Local favorites Brandon Rondon and Blake Franklin will be battling in separate battles. Cage Kings last show featured these two fighters in an all out grudge match, with Rondon winning the match as well as his debut with a TKO.
Soon to be “Ultimate Fighter” contestant Christian Fulgium (6-1) returns to the cage to take on three fight veteran Tony Hunter in a 170-pound bout. Fulgium, whose last outing in the Cage Kings saga ended with a second round loss (via rear naked choke) looks to bounce back with a win before he tires his hand at UFC stardom.
The card features many former Ring Rulers amateur champions, as well as all around tough guys biding to make their way to the top. So if you are into heated cage action, and love to witness fighters bringing forth brutality, head on over to the Riverdome as Cage Kings rocks the roof off once again with another heaping helping of no holds barred action.
Tickets available at the Horseshoe Gift store or online. Must be 18 or older. Doors open 7PM, fights start 8PM. For more information check out
Complete card
Brandon Rondon vs. Matt Hamilton
Tyler Caruthers vs. Blake Franklin
Chris Flores vs. Marcus Lanier
Tony Hunter vs. Chris Fulgium
Bryan Goldsby vs. Will Campuzano
Louis Vardaman vs. Roy Spoon
Aaron Hall vs. Derrick Krantz
Cale Grady vs. Chad Leonhart

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  CAGE KINGS Interview of Derrick Krantz
Posted by admin  on Sunday, March 15 @ 21:59:41 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
By: Benny Henderson, Jr.

Derrick Krantz: “I predict a first round knock out victory!”
Telling a writer that you plan on winning the fight with a first round knock out victory is a very bold prediction, but when you have already came through four times with your predictions, it is ok to be a little daring in your words.
So, if the undefeated 155-pound powering punching MMA prospect Derrick Krantz 4-0 (4) comes through with his word once again, it will be twice he has told this writer his punishing plans and did so, as well as tallying up his fifth consecutive first round knock out.
A former two time Ring Rulers amateur champion, Krantz banged out a respectable record of (21-7), as a pro Derrick has been flawless, and come Friday night at the Horseshoe Riverdome in Bossier City, LA, Krantz looks to keep his record intact as he takes on Georgia native Aaron Hall in Cage Kings “Total Domination” fight card.
In yet another interview conducted with Krantz, the young fighter candidly speaks out=2 0on his fighting career and what is yet to come for not only his future, but his opponents as well, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.
Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming fight this Friday night?
Derrick Krantz
Well I was scheduled to fight somebody else, but come to find out he did not want to commit to 155-pounds, so they matched me up against Aaron Hall, I have seen him fight before, he is a very talented fighter but you know he is in my way and I am going to have to deal with him. < /FONT>
Have you seen tape on Hall?
I have seen the guy fight live, he has fought with Cage Kings before.
As far as styles go, how do yours and his match-up?
Well, based on what I saw, he is probably a ground fighter because that was pretty much where most of his fight lasted, he had the guy on the ground on his back. That’s what I have been working on because the guy that I was supposed to fight was a ground guy, so I feel very strong in that area. Other than that I don’t think he wants to stand up with me, if he does than he is in for a rude awakening.
Your main game is the stand up, but you say your ground game is getting better, sounds like you are well rounded.
Absolutely, I finished two of my fights on the ground just hitting them, I guess I hit pretty hard because most o f them don’t recover from it.
You are in the inside looking out, what have you learned about the fight world that some may not know who are on the outside looking in?
I have learned that you always have to stay in shape, you have to be at top of your game because if not there is always going to be somebody that is going to come sweep you off your feet. You have to be ready and want to take fights.
This will be your third time fighting for Cage Kings, how has it20been working with the gang?
Dealing with them, they are pretty fair, I mean they have been good to me every since I fought in Ring Rulers with them as an amateur. Jon Munz is a really decent guy.
Run the readers through what is going through your mind right before a fight, all the way up into the announcement of the fight?
Well, I really don’t worry about it, I am a real laid back person, I think about everything else, how my fiancé is doing, if my family is20enjoying the show. I thank the Lord for the opportunity that He has given me, I ask Him to bless me in the fight and that is about it.
What can the fight fans expect from Derrick Krantz come fight night?
I first round knock out victory.
That is a bold prediction brother.
Well, I have predicted it the last four times.
Anything message you would like to send out to your opponent before you two climb in the cage?
Come ready. I want him to make me look good.
In closing, what is the one thing the fight world should know about Derrick Krantz?
Pay attention because I am going up all the way.
For further information on this fight as well as the entire card and ticket info, please check out

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  CAGE KINGS interview of Chad Leonhardt
Posted by admin  on Sunday, March 15 @ 19:35:41 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
By: Benny Henderson, Jr.
Chad Leonhardt: “I don’t fear Grady’s power, I want to stand and trade!”
Oklahoma native, and now Shreveport, LA, resident the “Boss” Chad Leonhart (1-1) looks to put on an exciting show for his hometown fans this Friday night when he steps in with the undefeated Cale Grady 1-0 (1) as the main event on Cage King’s “Total Domination” at the Horseshoe Riverdome in Bossier City, LA.
Hailing from Oklahoma, the twenty-nine year old flourished as a wrestler compiling up a (9-2) amateur record, and the “Boss” aims to garner his second win as a pro when he takes on the power punching Cale Grady, a fight that Leonhart demands will end quickly. In this exclusive interview we get Chad’s thoughts on his upcoming throw down and what the fans can expect, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.
You have the big fight coming up this Friday night against Cale Grady; give the readers your thoughts.
Chad Leonhart
I feel fine, he has that two second knock out, of course he got knocked out too, but it will be a good fight, I think he is going to stand up with me and trade some good punches, it will be a good show for everybody to watch. I think it is going to end quick, I don’t think he (Cale Grady) has that much power, the last guy he fought was kind of a scrub off the street. But I think it will be a good fight, he is strong and knows what he is doing. I think we are going to stand and fight and put on a good show.
All though you were not born and raised in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, you have been there the past six years so you are actually the hometown guy, any anxieties coming in fighting in front of the hometown crowd, or does it boast your confidence?  
It does not bother me either way, I definitely like it because I can sit around the house, it is more comfortable being in front of all my friends. It gives me the advantage though being able to sit around the house going about my normal day, he has to come in and get out of his element. I like putting on a good show, I think I have a pretty good backing here, I don’t have any jitters about fighting here. Shreveport is a good place to fight, they know what they are looking at and know what they are watching.
For the ones who may not have seen you fight, what is your style, as far as your good assets and such?
I am a wrestler, I have been most of my life, wrestling is everything in Oklahoma, I have real good hands though and real good power, I like to keep it on my feet, but if we go to the ground I will use my wrestling. I want to stand up and I want to knock you out, I want to please the crowd and that is what they want to see, I would like to stand and trade punches.
You brought up the fact that Cale Grady ended his first fight in two seconds, and pretty much fought a scrub, you know scrub or no scrub he has to have some power to end it in such dramatic fashion.
He has power but I don’t fear his power, he has fought two guys out of my camp, one he beat the tar our of one of them and ended up getting hit in the chin and he was done. Like I said he got hit on the chin he won in two seconds, if you watch it on You Tube, he was out as well, but he definitely has power, he throws his punches straight most of the time, but I do not fear his power as far as that goes. They both knocked each other out with the first punch, he just got up first.
What can the fight fans expect from the “Boss” come fight night?
Expect a good exciting fight, fast pace, and expect a knock out, we will find out. I think it will be quick.
Any message you would like to send out to your opponent Cale Grady?
Nothing other than I respect you, and bring your best because I am going to bring my best and let’s put on a good show.
For more info please check out

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  CAGE KINGS Interview of Cale Grady
Posted by admin  on Sunday, March 15 @ 19:33:06 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
By: Benny Henderson, Jr.
CALE GRADY: “I’m whipping his ass or he’s whipping mine, but either way expect fireworks!”
After an eight month layoff due to an injury, the undefeated 185-pound MMA prospect Cale Grady 1-0 (1) is raring and ready to climb back in the cage and wreak havoc on another victim, and the “Game” gets his shot at bringing more pain this Friday night when he takes on Shreveport’s Chad Leonhart 1-1 in the main event of Cage Kings “Total Domination” which will be held live at the Horseshoe Riverdome in Bossier City, LA.
The former Ring Rulers Ark-La-Tex middleweight champion who made his debut at the Riverdome in the summer of 2008, made a big splash with the fight fans as he ended the fight and night with just one punch and two seconds in the first round sending his opponent Ryan Chavarria out of the arena on a stretcher.
Now he returns and expects nothing less than brutality, and in this exclusive interview, Cale speaks out on his return, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.
Well brother, you will be battling in the main event this Friday night at Bossier City, LA for Cage Kings, your thoughts?
Cale Grady
Man I am excited, I have a whole new team that I am working with for this fight as far as my cardio goes, it is going good, I feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I am definitely ready to be the main event, I have been working hard, and I have been in camp for about three months. I am excited; I got cut last year training, so it will have been eight months off by the time I climb back in the cage, so I am excited.
I remember your debut, you stopped your opponent with one punch in two seconds of the first round, a very gruesome knock out. What was running through your mind when you seen what was going down with this cat being down and out and the paramedics attending to him?
Well, I was just wondering if he was going to be alright, but I was also excited, I did not realize that I knocked him out that quick.
I know right before the fight you two were in each others face sounding off, what were you guys saying to one another?
Really man not as much as it looked like, he said a couple of things, nothing real bad, but right before we broke he said good luck, and the ref was like that is good sportsmanship. It was mostly show but we wer e both definitely ready to fight.
You are the main event coming for Cage Kings third installment of their fight series, I mean in my opinion these guys put on a great show and here you are the main event, what does it mean to you to be just that, the main event?
I look at it as an honor, I am not even from Louisiana, but I am excited to put on a good show for the crowd. I always have to fight their hometown guys, but I guess they don’t hate me to much.
=0 AYou are fighting Chad, who all though is a native of Oklahoma, he now resides in Shreveport; you know anything about your opponent?
No man, I do not even know if he is right handed or left handed, I have just been training to take him out of his game and beat him. I am not really worried about what he has to bring, I think he is a wrestler, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t care what he is good at.
You have no tape on the guy so you know nothing about him,
how do you prepare for a fight when you know nothing about your opponent?
I don’t like looking at video anyway of people that I am fighting, I do not like getting my mind strung in one direction. It is the MMA, I try to go in there with a free mind and be ready for everything. I work on all of it, so no matter where it goes I will be comfortable, that way it does not matter what he does.
What can the fight fans expect from the “Game” come fight night?
Like always, there is going to be fire works, either I am going to whip his ass our he is going to whip mine, but it is going to be fun to watch. I push the pace, I don’t like standing around trying to size one another up, and when that bell rings he is going to know that he has a fight on his hands. He can try to do what he wants but I know what is going to happen, my hand is going to be raised at the end of the fight, and he will be f-cking laying there holding his face or something.
Any advice that you would give to your opponent before the fight?
He better hope that is has been training as hard as I have.

check out for more info

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  Benton's Fulgium lands on UFC reality show!
Posted by admin  on Wednesday, March 11 @ 07:57:35 PDT

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts By Roy Lang III • • March 11, 2009
Local MMA star will fight in Shreveport on March 20Christian Fulgium, a professional mixed-martial arts fighter and former Benton High athlete, landed a spot on the UFC's uber-popular reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter." Fulgium will also fight at Horseshoe's Riverdome in Bossier City on March 20 as part of a Cage Kings event.The Ultimate Fighter debuts on Spike TV on April 1. Fulgium was one of eight Americans to be selected in the Welterweight Division (170 pounds). The ninth season of the show will feature a U.S. vs. United Kingdom format.Both teams will boast eight welterweights and eight lightweights (155 pounds).The six-week taping in Las Vegas has concluded. The U.S. was coached by former UFC champion Dan Henderson while the United Kingdom was led by Michael Bisping — the champion of the show's third season.Fighters will compete for a six-figure contract. Two championship bouts will be shown live on Spike TV on June 20.Fulgium (6-2-1) last competed in Shreveport at a Cage Kings event in October. He lost to Tony Hunter of Macon, Ga., via rear-naked choke. The former wrestler will get a rematch with Hunter at the Riverdome.Fulgium, a standout wrestler, trains with Tim Credeur at Gladiators Academy in Lafayette. Credeur was a semifinalist on the seventh season of TUF.The Riverdome's doors open at 7 p.m. on March 20. The fights begin at 8. Tickets for Cage Kings are available at event also features Cale Grady, who set the world record for quickest knockout in professional MMA history (2 seconds) at a Cage Kings event in July.

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